How many hours do I need to run my pool for?

All pools are different, depending on Chlorination & Filtration, but generally speaking in the Summer Time a minimum of 8 Hours a day and Winter Time a minimum of 4 Hours a day is acceptable.

If you need and more information, pop in and see us or call us on 95834533.

How often should I Backwash my Sand Filter for?

You should backwash your sand Filter at least Once per month to keep the sand media clean and fresh. This will also help the life span of the sand itself.

We recommend to change your sand in the filter every 4 – 5 years. We have an onsite service which we can do for you. Also there are other options for Filter Media like Glass Media that will extended the time between backwashing, Glass will filter down to 3 Microns for Sharper Clear water and generally has double the life span of Sand Media. Call us on 95834533 if you need a Sand Change.

How Often should I clean my Cartridge Filter Element?

Depending on dirt load and vegetation around the Pool, we recommend hosing your element out at least Monthly. The dirtier the pool the more cleaning it will need. We also recommend to chemically treat the filter at least twice an year with a Filter Cleaner that you can get from your Local PoolMart Store. We also carry all major Brands of Elements but if we don’t have it we can generally get it in for you within a few days.

How often should I clean out my Skimmer Baskets?

This will be determined how much vegetation you have around your Pool, and how much actually falls into your Pool and is accumulated by your Pools Skimmer. You should get into a habit on checking your Skimmer & Pumps baskets on a Weekly Basis. PoolMart carry all the main Brand of Skimmer & Pump Baskets if you ever need to replace them. To Compliment your Skimmer Baskets why not try our Mega Skimmer Socks. These will not only catch the Large debris but also slow down small particles that will get trapped in your Pump Basket and also clog up your Pool Filter.

Why will my Pump not Pump Water?

This can be a Number of Reasons: First Check your Skimmer Baskets and Pumps Baskets are Free of Debris, Then Check your Filter that it is Clean or Backwashed. Also make sure you have enough Water in the Pool itself. Fill the Pool up to at least ¾ of the Skimmer Level. Other things you can try is make sure the Pump Lid is on With The O-ring Sealing. If the O-ring is Dry we suggest Lubing it up with our O-ring Lube which you can purchase at PoolMart. If you have tried all these thing please give us a call or pop into our stores to Organise our Onsite Service to solve the problem for you.

Why is My Pool Cleaner not Moving?

First of all turn your Pump off and check the bottom of the Cleaner for any obstruction. Make sure the vacuum Plate is sealing properly on your skimmer Basket. Make sure your filters are clean and also your Pump and Skimmer baskets are empty. Also make sure your water Level is ¾ up your skimmer. Check the Cleaner hose for any holes or Tears. Failing these suggestions feel free to call or pop into our stores to Book in one of our experienced Service technicians to sort the problem out for you