Keep the pool clean the cost-effective way


Enjoy a clean and clear pool that costs less to maintain

You may know that pool maintenance can be a costly and laborious exercise that can seriously test your sense of humour. However, you don’t have to lose your cool, your pool or your bank balance if you stick with these cost-effective, maintenance options.

1.Pool skimmer

A great way to clean the leaves and debris floating on top of the pool, automatically. However, you don’t need to use energy if you’re looking to save money. In instances where you want to cut costs, you need to become the pool skimmer and clean the debris out every second day with a long-arm pool net. It’s effective, good exercise and uses no electricity.

Owning a pool can be an expensive luxury, but with the right mindset, a few tips and the thought of saving money you can keep your pool clean for half the cost, while working on your tan at the same time.

2.DIY hand vacuum

Definitely the cheaper option when it comes to cleaning a pool; the hand vacuum is attached to your skimmer, which then creates a suction allowing you to actually vacuum your pool, like you would your floor at home. Push it around the bottom of the pool and clean away the debris and dirt that settles on the bottom. A great workout for the arms, and it’s better than making your bank account exercise for something you could easily do yourself.

3.Energy efficient pumps

Pool pumps consume energy at a rapid rate and can add serious financial weight to your bills. There are several energy eco models available that will beat your high energy bills and still keep your pool as clean as ever. Saving up to 80% energy compared to your regular pumps, you really can’t go wrong.

4.Heat your pool the natural way

If you really need a pool heater then consider a solar system – free energy! This really is the only option when it comes to the luxury of heated pool water. If you already have a heated pool and want to save on costs then a solar cover is also great for conserving heat. Designed to insulate the pool and keep the heat inside, which means your pool is naturally warmer for longer without using your energy-sapping pool heater for longer than is required.

5.Pool chemicals

If you have someone to add the chemicals to the pool for you, then it’s time to start doing it yourself. If you’re thinking of buying a chemical feeder, then you need to think again. They’re expensive and do what you could easily do by hand. Feeding chlorine into the pool, manually, is the cheapest option for fresh and salt water pools. This exercise involves testing your pool for alkalinity and acidity every second day and feeding your pool accordingly. You’re trying to find the perfect balance and keep it that way.