Robotic Pool Cleaners Repairs, Hire & Sales

Zodiac Vortex-Pro VX55 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner

We Now Repair a wide Range of Pool Robots

We use the latest Diagnostic Computers to see what needs repairing on your Robotic Pool Cleaner.

We can Service:

  • Zodiac
  • Maytronics
  • Hayward
  • Kreepy Krauly
  • Davey PoolSweepa
We also can repair your Suction Cleaner Including:
  • Kreepy Krauly, Sprinta, Klever Kleena
  • Zodiac MX8, AX10, G2, T5
  • Hayward Ultra Vac

Not Ready to buy?

We have hire machines you can take home to clean your pool.  If your happy with the machine and decide you want one of your very own we will happy credit you the hire fee toward the purchase of a new robotic pool cleaner

Why not get a Free Home Demo in your Pool Today!

Poolmart has a Range of Robotic Pool Cleaners to Suit all Pools & Budgets.

We Stock and Recommend the Famous Zodiac, Maytronics & Kreepy Robots for:

  • Total Coverage of Pool Surface Cleaning
  • Large Debris Canisters which have Easy Access and Cleaning
  • Lightweight to remove from your Pool
  • Robots Hold Dirt & Debris so you don’t Have to Clean your existing Filter so Often
  • They also move water from Bottom to Top for Better Circulation
  • They will not get Stuck like your Traditional Suction Cleaner
  • Very Low Running Cost
  • Great as a Power Saving Device Especially if you have Variable Speed Pump

Simply Book in a Free Robotic Pool Cleaner Demo by Calling (08) 9583 4533 and our Onsite Service Department will do a FREE Health Check on your Pool while they are there!!!

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