Gemini – The Ultimate in Salt Water Management

Gemini – The Ultimate in Salt Water Management

The Gemini System is a fully-controlled salt water management system.  Pool water sanitiser and pH levels are continually analysed by the Gemini Control unit, which activates the Gemini salt or mineral salt chlorinator as required – and also keeps the pH within the optimum range.

This results in great energy savings and puts an end to over-chlorination, which can lead to bleached pool blankets and pool shells.

Introducing the Gemini Mineral System
The Gemini Mineral is a Gemini System that has been specially configured to automatically manage mineral pools, which are increasingly popular with health-conscious pool owners.  The water chemistry of mineral pools can be surprisingly complex, but a Gemini Mineral takes the guesswork out of managing your pool.

The Gemini + – a further dimension
The Gemini + System adds a further dimension to pool water management.  It comes with a liquid chlorine booster function that allows you to reduce pump running times, saving energy and money.  Off-peak power can be used to achieve further savings, while maintaining a safe and healthy pool.

Pool Controls – balanced, expert advice
Pool Controls is 100% Australian-owned and has been proudly manufacturing quality equipment in Australia for over thirty years.

All components of Gemini Systems and Gemini Mineral Systems come with a 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty, plus an additional 3 years’ pro-rata warranty on the Gemini’s multi-electrode (probe) and cell.

Pool Controls has a dedicated Service Team Operating across Australia, able to provide expert advice and great after-care.

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