What Size Pool Pump Do I Need?

How to Size a Pump

Most pool owners are unsure about how to size a pump. What they don’t know is that bigger is not always better. Bigger pumps have a tendency of overpowering your pool’s filtration system, resulting in additional strain on the pump with higher running costs and increased energy wastage. This is not good.

But you may have known this already? In case you didn’t, we’re happy to say that with our help, you can finally stop asking yourself: “What size pool pump do I need?”

Our staff are friendly, highly skilled, and most importantly have the experience to fit your pool with the most practical, affordable and reliable pump. Our team always swims the extra mile and will select a pump specifically for your pool by measuring two things: the flow rate in your pool and the amount of gallons per minute needed to filter all the water in your pool in the least amount of time. We don’t want to waste a drop either.

Less is more. Less energy usage, less maintenance, less effort and less cost. Smaller pumps shouldn’t be underestimated, and Poolmart is all about conservation. Thus said, our automatic heat pumps are inexpensive, no matter what size or model you choose.

Learn more about pool pumps so that you can make an educated buying decision before looking at our wide selection of high-quality pumps. If you’d rather chat a professional directly, give us a call on 1300 7665 6278 or step into one of our six stores, conveniently located throughout Perth and Western Australia in Leeming, Rockingham, Mandurah, Warnbro, Success and Baldivis.